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Our bodies have the strength to heal and be healed.  Massage is a powerful tool to help your body and mind heal from pain and discomfort.  Amandla, pronounced uh - MOND - la, means power and/or strength in Zulu and Xhosa which are native languages to South Africa.  I moved to Southern Africa when I was nine and it left a remarkable impression on my life.  It only felt fitting to incorporate that part of my life into naming my practice.  



"Pain is inevitable

suffering is optional"

 - African Proverb


Just as the name suggests, deep tissue massage dives into the deeper layers of the muscular structures to help release tension and pain. It is a great way to work through chronic pain ailments and start to access lost movement in joints.


This style is focused on relaxation to stimulate blood circulation, reduce stress and anxiety creating a calmness within the mind and body.


Cupping is traditionally a Chinese therapy to relieve muscle discomfort.  By applying cups to the skin it uses suction to lift tissue and is applied to areas that are seen as having stagnation or pain.  Sometimes it will leave a mark similar to a bruise which can be present for a several days.  This therapy can be compared to a deep tissue massage.


Massage is a great and safe way to manage discomfort and pain as your body changes shape.  Common ailments such as: low back pain, achey feet, tingling/numbness in hands, stress/anxiety or lack of sleep can all be comforted with massage.  Depending on your trimester and level of comfort, the massage will typically be sidelying using relaxation / swedish massage modalities. 


From my own experience with pain management, I take an integrative approach to massage therapy. Sometimes treating the symptom isn’t enough to eliminate pain and having a holistic view of the body can help unravel the root causes of pain. Lack of nutrition, along with environmental, and emotional elements can manifest as pain and I understand the impacts it can have on the body.  Massage is a great tool to manage pain and working together we can create specific treatment plans to optimize your health and help you raise awareness of your body.

I have been practicing massage in Portland since 2008 after graduating from University of Oregon in 2006 with a BA in Cultural Anthropology and attending East West College of Healing Arts in 2007.  Over the years, I have worked closely with chiropractors and acupuncturists treating a wide variety of ailments including: chronic and acute pain, stress, anxiety, depression and injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents.  Having been called “the velvet hammer”, my training in deep tissue and relaxation massage gives me a soft, yet firm touch; narrowing in on specific issues or creating a whole body experience.  

I opened Amandla Massage in July of 2017.  My family and I moved to Beaverton in late 2018 and am excited to see patients at my new location starting in March 2020  


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4530 SW Hall Blvd. Beaverton, OR 97005


Available by appointment only, Sundays 9am - 2 pm

Additional times and days available upon request

Getting Here:

Amandla Massage is located inside of Hall Street Station on the second floor at the end of the hall.  Free parking is available in the lot in front of the building.